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Where it all began for me….

I’ve always had an interest in working with wood. As a kid I was always looking for scrap wood to create something with. I couldn’t wait to go to High School, where I could take Shop classes and learn more. My Senior year, I actually took 2 advanced Woodshop classes per day, and most lunch hours you’d find me there working on a project. Woodworking became my passion. I proceeded to build all kinds of things in school, from a stereo cabinet with speakers, to a regulation size solid oak pool table with automatic ball return. My instructor could see how passionate I was, and pretty much let me do my own thing in class, as long as I had completed my required work and passed the tests. I had no idea at the time that I would be building custom hardwood furniture as my career. I still enjoy it just as much today as I did back then.

Casa Grande Newspaper Article May 1968

Senior Tom Francois stands with most of the fruits of this year’s labor in his Advanced Woodworking Class at Casa Grande Union High School arrayed behind his parents’ Arizona City home. His efforts have met with the praise of his instructor, Lee BeDillon, who says he’s never seen a student like him. “Tom’s a bright kid who not only can produce the finished product with his hands, but can also conceive the whole idea and present it on paper before it’s ever begun.”

Started my Woodworking Business in 1974

I began my business while living in Oceanside California by building small projects and taking them to the local swap meet to sell. My first table saw was a Shopsmith multifunctional machine. After one year, I moved back to Arizona and really started to grow the business, buying new tools and machinery as I could. Today I have the most recent tools and machinery available, and a spacious 2300 square foot shop on the same 1-1/4 acre property as my home near the Superstition Mountains. I love woodworking, am a die hard perfectionist, and I build every piece as though it was going to be my own! I can’t imagine doing anything else but this!


Registered with Arizona Registrar of Contractors
Licensed & Bonded (LIC. #097833) – Click To View On AZROC.GOV

Tom, Owner & Woodwork Aficionado


Solid Oak Pool Table Built In High School


Tom in the news!


Advanced Wood Shop Certificate – Circa 1968



A Few of the Services I Offer:

Built-in Bookcases – Built-in Cabinets – Entertainment Centers – Home Offices –

Wall Units – Custom Woodwork – Custom Designs